Accounting Retainer Agreement Sample

Some clients and accountants may want to offer mutual protection by setting contingency fees. For example, this withholding may require the accountant to demand money from a tax unit. Sometimes such a fee depends on a specific objective or outcome of the project. We need to define the status of contingency charges in the article called „V. Eventuality“. If there is an eventuality charge, select the first control box, and then use the blank lines displayed to enter the percentage and source of that percentage. If this agreement does not require a contingency fee, select the second billing. The sixth point, called „VI. payment“, is subject to a similar checklist to define the schedule according to which the customer forwards the payment to the accountant. If it`s a periodic payroll plan, mark the first checkbox declaration as well as the „week“, „monthly“ or „quarterly basis…“ » before entering the first payment date (see photo below), you can also indicate whether the payment is only made when the accounting officer has provided the necessary services (second control box). .

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