Agreement Release Tcode

I wanted a table in which the release we created can be easily downloaded Determines whether or not the proposed order requirements or proposed purchase supporting documents must meet the release condition for the specified share code. Indicates that for processing purposes, the system should offer all purchase supporting documents that can be released (approved) with the specified sharing code. You need to add an agreement # @ Colum Framework Convention. so all the data of the agreement will be trensfer to you RO Posted by Mr_Her (IT SupportManager) at Feb 9 at 22:41 PM Mark this answer as usefulStart useful Tks for your information, then how to release the PO contract? I can`t use me28 neitherme29n like I did with regular BUTTOCKS. Any suggestions? Rgds, Heryanto _____ By: krajeshsap via sap-log-mm [] Posted: 08 Februari 2010 13:27 Year: Mr_Her Subject: Re: [sap-log-mm] Outliene Agreement/contract PO – Release strategy All release procedures for purchase receipts are based on the same CEKKO communication structure. This purchasing organization is responsible for negotiating the terms of such an agreement. You cannot create an order by referring to a contract (call order), unless that contract has been released (approved) I would like to release Contracrs. How to unblock the form for which transaction. You define it in the output class that you will find in CL02. To view the different active sharing strategies, you can use CL24N: This contract approval process is necessary for THE ORDER to be established as part of a contract. Written by ha_tran (Senior SAPSupply Chain Business Analyst) on Feb 9 at 22:47 Mark this answer as usefulMark as useful Hello, you need to use ME35K to unlock your contract. Prost, HT Tks for your information, how can we then release contractual POs? I can`t use me28 neitherme29n like I did with regular BUTTOCKS. Any suggestions? _____ By: krajeshsap via sap-log-mm [] Posted: 08 Februari 2010 13:27TB: Mr_HerSubject: Re: [sap-log-mm] Outliene Agreement/Contract PO – Exit Strategy You must use ME35K to terminate your contract.

I would like to use the release strategy in the framework agreement/contract with tcode ME31K. With which table can I define the characteristic? So far, I have used CEKKO for ordinary OPs with ME21N. Put the license plate if the system has to offer all purchase receipts whose release can be canceled. CT03 – Feature Display ME49 Price Comparison List. ME1A – Archived Purchase Records ME1B- Information Set Price ME22 Modification of ME22N Order. T027C – Delivery Instruction Compliance Codes T162K – Terrain Selection, Conjunction Fields, ME1M Purch Information Kits by Hardware Order Price History ME1P T069Q – Control Data for Source Identification and Registration. ME3N Agmt Framework Agreements No. ME80R Purchase report: O.Agmts. ME34K Maintain Contract Supplement ME35K Release Contract The code that has been assigned to you or your department to unlock purchase receipts. MI02 – Change Physical Inventory Doc MI03 – Display Physical Inventory Doc Key for a buyer or group of buyers responsible for certain purchasing activities. .

ME63 Evaluation of automatic sub-criteria ME64 Evaluation comparison. If you have an answer to this question, use the form of your answer at the bottom of the page instead. . T163K – Confirmation categories in the store T162X – Description of field groups T162/T162K MI38 – Input: Number and differences MI39 – Stacking: document and number. . EKRS – ERS procedure: Goods (goods) movements according to b. MBRL – Return by Mat. Proof MB23 – Me25 display reservation Order with determination of source Me2A Monitor confirmations. . .


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