Ahpra Trans Tasman Agreement

Application, Savings and Transition Provisions for Provisions and Amendments This involves requesting an eligibility exam (which lasts up to 2 weeks), allowing you to take the written exam (which will only take place in March and September in London). If you pass this, you can then perform the 3 clinical examinations (musculoskeletal, neuro and cardiospirate) that are performed only in Melbourne, Australia. The total cost of this process is AUD 7125 (plus a transaction fee of 1.5%), which is about 3900 USD! Remember that you should also pay for flights to Melbourne (from $800) plus accommodation, etc., as you could definitely take a little vacation if you go to Australia for your exams! If you have a registration in New Zealand, you may be able to apply under the Trans-Tasman agreement instead of applying as an international candidate. The trans-Tasman process is a much faster process. Healthcare Australia is a national agency with 14 offices across Australia and a regional, rural and remote team. We have covered all parts of Australia and you only have to register with Healthcare Australia once, as we transfer your file to where you travel and breastfeed. You don`t have to reapply, you just have to meet the local requirements with which our HCA employees can guide you. The ministerial agreement refers to an agreement between the ministers of the participating jurisdictions regarding goods or laws exempted under Section 46. (f) letters or other objects during mailing.

(3) The second exception is that the principle does not affect the functioning of an Australian jurisdiction`s laws relating to the transport, storage or handling of goods within the jurisdiction, as long as you have the registration of New Zealand nurses or midwives, you can easily transfer your registration to Australia. To do this, you must download the application for Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition, from the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. Under the Mutual Recognition Act 1992 and the Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition Act 2003 from the date of receipt of your application, the registration is granted as „recognized.“

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