Canada-British Columbia Immigration Agreement

Habitat and integration programs increased significantly over the following decades. Unlike many other countries of immigration where these services are provided by public servants, they are provided in Canada by a large number of non-governmental organizations, often referred to as service provider organizations (SPOs) – through quasi-contractual contribution agreements. CIC currently has more than 500 such agreements across the country. In addition, some of the services provided by PHO are funded by provincial governments, foundations and other non-profit organizations such as the United Way. 10.7.8 Consistent with the objective and objectives of this Agreement, Canada will be open and transparent with respect to immigration agreements with other provinces and territories and, at the request of British Columbia, Canada will negotiate amendments to this Agreement taking into account the different needs and circumstances of British Columbia. 10.1.3 The CMA will hold a meeting or conference call at least once a year. The objective of these meetings will be to conduct in-depth discussions on the overall administration of this agreement and on innovative approaches to the management of immigration issues. 10.4.2 In order to facilitate the implementation of the activities of this Agreement, including all its Annexes, Canada and British Columbia agree to exchange information to the extent permitted by existing directives, instructions and agreements on the protection, exchange and disclosure of information. . .


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