Collective Agreement Between Vale And The Local 2020-05 United Steelworkers

„Together, we will continue to monitor and address the short-, medium- and long-term effects of the pandemic on our business.“ Further information will be obtained through the technical interview, possible tests and reference examinations relating to other skills needed (including skills and knowledge, literacy skills, equipment skills) needed for the role. The Steel Workers` Union in Canada, which represents more than 225,000 workers in the mining industry and many other industries, is deeply concerned about the brutal violence and oppression against the Belarusian people. The union says it looks forward to „meaningful bargaining in 2021.“ „The one-year extension. Vale and our employees provide a solid foundation to meet the company`s challenges,“ the statement said. Our union has launched a campaign to call on the federal government to support the forest sector, an important economic driver for our country. Vale is an equal opportunity employer. USW members in Canada condemn the anti-Black racism and racist violence that has taken place on both sides of the border. We are committed to the fight against anti-Black and Anti-Indigenous racism, violence and racism in all its forms.

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