University Of Michigan Sublease Agreement

State of the unit: Residents are responsible for returning the aircraft to good condition at the end of the lease. Otherwise, a fee will be charged to the customer`s account. Regardless of the conditions of a sublease, the principal tenant is responsible for the performance of all tenancy obligations. Parking: Car parks should not be automatically included in the sublease. The tenant can negotiate parking with the tenant. Be sure to give the glue from the original purchase to the subtenant when the parking is agreed. Remember, double stickers are not distributed and if found by the towing company, the vehicle can be towed at the owner`s expense with vehicles parked without stickers. It is important to trust your tenant and to have a clear and legal subletting contract. If you have any questions or concerns, visit the Legal Student Service ( website for more information or contact us at the! It`s important to sublet.

Let your students look for accommodation on the university`s off-campus housing site, based on price, number of rooms and more. Whatever resources your student uses to sublet their space, they should follow the owner`s subletting policies and feel comfortable subletting them. Subleasing is an agreement that your student can make with another person to pay the rent and live in their room while they are away. Campus Realty must be alerted to sublet tenants. Therefore, a copy of the completed sublease and sublease declaration must be filed with the Realty Office Campus. Subleles of customers who are not registered on Campus Realty do not have access to lockout services, account services, etc. In addition, a rental review of someone who is not in the file may mean that the account is not properly credited. Key: The tenant should arrange to obtain the keys to the subtenant, or he or she can go to the Realty Campus office during business hours, as long as the office has a registration of the subletting. All keys must be re-grated at the end of the tenancy and/or sublet at the Realty Boro Campus, otherwise the lost keys will be charged to the tenants. Have your student write everything down. You can use the rental agreement and inventory list provided on the Off-Campus Housing website to make the process more fluid.

This will determine when the subtenants live in the space, who is responsible for any damage during the extract and much more. The subtenant should receive a copy of the original lease, as he is also responsible for the maintenance. Be sure to fill out an inventory list before passing the keys and let your subtenant finish one. Decide in advance who is responsible for the damage at the end of the lease. The amount of the surety and the liability for damages must be included in your sublet contract ( Notwithstanding the conditions of a sublease, the principal tenant is responsible for the performance of all tenancy obligations. Before signing the sublease agreement, your student must ask the subtenant for proof of how the rent is paid (last work pay, screenshots of account balances or grant statements). If you apply for a deposit from the subtenant, this rent must not exceed 1.5 months.

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