Wcl Wage Agreement X

In March 2017, the CIL`s workforce was about 3.1 Lakh compared to 3.2 Lakh a year ago, with natural wear of about 10,000. RSVs and other issues, including wage increases, may play a role at the next meeting of the joint two-fight committee for the coal industry (JBCCI), which will discuss the national agreement X on coal wages. A look at Coal India`s Co2 headquarters in Calcutta. | Photo Credit: Ashoke Chakrabarty Members of unions such as Centre for Indian Trade Unions (CITU) and Hind Mazdoor Sabha (HMS), who are members of the committee, stated that, while they were in principle opposed to any VRS, they would like to have a say in the formulation of such a system. Coal India Ltd is working on a proposal to offer its employees voluntary pension plans (RSVs). A committee has already been set up to discuss a system and formulate a system. The nine-member committee consists of four representatives from management and unions, a representative of the Coal Mines Officers` Association of India (CMOAI) and a coordinator. The Committee will also consider whether it is possible to maintain rent-opted RSV housing, a source said.

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