Self Employed Agreement

It is not mandatory for the self-employed and their clients to work according to a standard agreement. If this is not the case, the customer is obliged to assess whether there is an employment relationship (in Dutch) and, consequently, to withhold payroll taxes. For more information on employment relations, see Chapter 1 of the Payroll Tax Manual (in Dutch). The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration carries out checks (in Dutch) to determine whether or not there is an employer/employee relationship. The tax and customs administration can impose fines or taxes if they demonstrate malicious intentions in terms of fictitious autonomy or false constructions (obvious or intentional). You can also do this if a contractor/client does not comply with the instructions, for example. B changes in the sobering up of the employer/employee ratio. Please note that an agreement for services related to a Research & Innovation Services research project should be established, negotiated and signed, please contact the Pricing & Contracts team for more information. There are several contracts that a self-employed person may have to establish. Such a contract is a service contract that should include the detailed relationship between you and your client. There may also be an substitution clause, no mutual obligation clause or control limit. You can find what fits into your contract from our independent contract template.

As a self-employed person, you do not receive an employment contract from your clients. However, it is your responsibility to create a contract for your customers. If you are a new freelancer, you can use a template for an autonomy contract to draw one. The reasons why you need to create this contract are as follows: if a job has been offered to you either by an individual or by a company, it is important to know if you are considered self-employed or employed. While the self-employed have greater control over time limitations, wages, and decisions to refuse or accept work, they also have more financial responsibilities. They must calculate and pay their own taxes and social insurance, hire an accountant and possibly be responsible for the employment of their own employees. Nevertheless, a carefully drafted agreement guaranteeing the independence of the freelancer is an important starting point. For example, as a freelancer and not as an employee of your company, he is free to put a qualified person („worker“) in his place instead of personally performing some or all of the work, and he is free to determine when, where and how the work will be completed (subject, of course, to your business requirements). The number of self-employed workers is increasing day by day and many factors seem to favour labour policy. Although there are myths related to autonomy, which cause many people to rush or even go bankrupt. Many don`t even know what it means to be independent.

Well, one thing you shouldn`t joke about when working for yourself is a draft contract for freelancers. During its work for the hiring company and after the completion of the project, the agreement shows that the independent contractor promises not to disclose protected information learned during the work, often referred to as a confidentiality agreement clause. If what you do meets all these criteria, you are self-employed, whether it is an adult business that you run or a part-time self-employed activity. You may be thinking, „I don`t need a freelance contract template to do my job; All I do is get the job, agree with my client and execute it. You would be wrong. This agreement for independent contractors is a generic agreement that can be used by a company for a large number of different subcontractor roles. It has been designed to allow your company to benefit from additional employee services from independent contractors instead of employing them.. . . .

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