Sourcewell Cooperative Purchasing Agreement

Schools, other government agencies, and nonprofits that are members of Sourcewell can then make purchases from these authorized partners, saving them time in the purchasing process. Members also save money because of the buying benefit they get by participating in the co-op. Cooperative procurement is „procurement by or on behalf of one or more public procurement entities“ within the meaning of the American Bar Association Model Procurement Code for State and Local Governments. Does this sales agreement with Sourcewell apply to all Komatsu devices? Cooperative purchasing can help you save time and reduce risk. Talk to your cat® reseller to see if you can purchase devices and power systems – with unparalleled local support – through our cooperative purchase agreements with sourcewell and OMNIA partners. I am confident in their processes. Sourcewell is a public agency that offers member agencies competitive sales contracts for products and equipment, so that these members do not have to duplicate the tendering process – it has already been done on their behalf! By using competitive contracts requested and awarded, your team has more time to accomplish other important tasks. Sourcewell`s suppliers, such as Wastequip, can offer aggressive and competitive pricing. Sourcewell membership gives you the opportunity to access competitive and cancelled lifetime purchase agreements at the national level. Sourcewell members save time and money while avoiding the unpleasant experience of low-imperative, low-quality responses. There are no fees, obligations or liability for Membership in Sourcewell.

Sourcewell represents more than 50,000 members, including government, educational and non-profit organizations, as one of the largest government cooperation agencies in North America. Its members have access to hundreds of competitive contracts that offer a variety of products and services. Sourcewell offers a variety of programs and services that go beyond cooperative purchasing, including national insurance and benefits programs, as well as education, local government, and Minnesota-based nonprofit services. Can you tell me more about what a cooperative purchase is? The National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) has changed its name to Sourcewell to better reflect its purpose and position itself for sustainable local and national growth. For members, suppliers, and partners, the name change is the only change….

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