Subsidiary Loan Agreement Adalah

17 / PMK.05 / 2007 of the Minister of Finance and the Order of the Director General of the Ministry of Finance No. Per -31 / PB / 2007. However, following the adoption of both rules, credits converted into NMCs are currently limited only to loans that have legal difficulties in making NMPs. Secondly, the conversion of BUMN Persero`s debt can only take place against the main debt. The consideration is based on Article 33(3) of the Uupt and its explanation that the other inventory expenditure incurred each time to increase the capital invested must be paid in full. The essence of this provision is that whenever the capital grows, the money must be paid into the coffers of the company. Thus, interest and fines cannot be converted into equity participations because of the absence of a real contribution to the company`s coffers, as well as the explanation of Article 35(2). .

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