University Of New Haven Housing Agreement

The Department of Housing does not collect or ask for a deposit if a resident accepts accommodation on campus. Instead, we count for every incident that occurs. We are convinced that this promotes the feeling of ownership of the building by the occupants and improves everyone`s ability to control costs. All students must either complete the housing application (follow the steps below) or the housing waiver form. What if I haven`t found a roommate before May 1st? Step-by-step guide to accommodation selection Sign the online licensing agreement for accommodation and catering and select the meal plan that is right for you. The housing agreement you have entered into determines the available places you see in STEP 4. Make sure you choose the right option. General questions All students are cordially invited to stay in the traditional residences, Smith Hall and Woolridge Hall and Fairview Suites. 1. Modification of the accommodation and / or meal possibilities of the student section in which the student has indicated a desired accommodation, has included a clear description of the type of residential configuration and / or meal option, an explanation of how the request relates to the effects of the condition and possible alternatives if the requested accommodation configuration / meal option is not possible. It all depends on the steps you have completed so far.

The University of New Haven strives to offer the best housing and nutrition arrangements to meet the specific needs of our students. To this end, there are currently many possibilities for housing and food, but we are aware that there are circumstances in which certain wishes and accommodation must be taken into consideration. This directive has been drawn up for this purpose. Students requesting air conditioning systems for the spring semester (via the accessibility resource center) can access the modified housing requirements package online and follow the procedures above….

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