Validity Of Prenuptial Agreements In California

If you want to sign a marriage contract, there are several steps to take. First, be sure to read the entire content of your prenup to make sure you understand what`s in it. No matter who produced the document, it`s important to know what they`re saying and ask for clarification if there`s anything you disagree with. So go to a family lawyer or another lawyer specializing in marriage contracts. This person can help you navigate through the document and understand if everything is in your best interest. Creating marriage contracts is often a very difficult and emotional experience for couples. While any contract can be difficult to negotiate, the combination of the need to create potentially long-term and complex financial arrangements, with the emotional strain that seems inherent in negotiating a marriage contract, can make the process the most difficult task faced by a couple considering getting married. Or, as a client of his third marriage once told the writer: „Everyone hates doing it, and that`s why most people give up and just keep their noses, close their eyes and jump into the pool hoping for the best. If things go wrong, you make all the money from lawyers in divorce courts. Factors that might arise on the issue of scruples would be whether a party was confronted with the agreement as a fait accompli just before the marriage in a law firm or whether it was notified before the marriage and whether it had the opportunity to consider a draft before signing; whether the agreement has been revised at the request of the party challenging enforcement; if they have been represented by a lawyer; whether they considered that the agreement was fair at the time of signature; and whether the terms of the agreement were clearly worded and not hidden in the fine print. There are many cases of maintaining marriage contracts that seem unfair, but that „fall within the permissible advantage for one of the parties.“ Even if the agreement is unscrupulous, it should also be noted that there has been no full disclosure of the cancellation of the agreement. The person claiming that the agreement was invalid must also justify all of the following: (a) the party has not received fair, proportionate and complete disclosure of the other party`s ownership or financial obligations; (b) the party has not voluntarily and explicitly waived in writing any right to disclose the other party`s ownership or financial obligations beyond the disclosure provided; and (c) that party did not or could not reasonably have had adequate knowledge of the other party`s assets or financial obligations. If you`re preparing for marriage, you`re probably thinking about everything but a marriage contract.

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